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Worn Thin is totally, definitely, absolutely not a rage game. You play as a medical pill, on a quest to heal someone.  Travel through a 100% totally accurate representation of a human body, in hopes to reach you're goal.


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Tags3D, Difficult, rage-game, Short, Singleplayer


Worn Thin 1.0 Setup.exe 26 MB

Install instructions

When you download, chrome may show that Worn Thin is possibly dangerous.  This is because it is not downloaded often. Just click the up arrow, than press [Keep].

Then, follow the installers instructions.

                                                         -                            -                           -

Windows may also block the game from running, for the same reasons as above.

If this happens to pop up, just click [More Info]

 and then click [Run Anyway]. 

Happy Raging! 

Windows protected your PC" warning while installing Postman for Windows ·  Issue #7214 · postmanlabs/postman-app-support · GitHub

Development log

  • 1.0


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This was uh...and interesting experience in "rage" games

...to say the least.

my full play through here: 

 full review on steam synopsis a nice relaxing 3d platformer with some chill tunes a very nice no stress game.