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After you get in a car crash and go into a coma, you lose your memories. Go on an adventure through your own brain to recollect them!

(Warning, major technical difficulties toward the end of the Jam basically killed half the game and we had to half-ass it)


 - Programming, Gameplay, Gameplay Art - Ishaan Bahl

 - Lead Programmer, Gameplay - Some Nerd

-  UI Art, Comic Image, Music - Oakley Blade Games 



 Ishaan Bahl: https://www.instagram.com/_illusionstudios_/?hl=en

Some Nerd (BlipBlo): https://blipblo.itch.io/

Oakley Blade Games: https://www.twitch.tv/oakleyblade

Un-used music: 


Messed-Up in game:


I spent several hours on these tracks but Unity Collab decided to have a seizure in the last 25 mins of the Jam so most of the music is messed up. If you don't mind checking these tracks out, that'd be great! :)


Build (1).zip 22 MB

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